all the breastfeeding things

from left to right these were all the items I needed to get by!

1. legendairy milk sells all natural supplements to boost supply make it fattier. When my supply first showed a sign of decreasing I started on these and saw an immediate boost!

2. reusable nursing pads: I found these to be softer and more comfortable than the disposable, plus better for the environment!

3. brewers yeast lactation powder: I started to add a TBSP of this to my smoothies every morning. Any little bit helps!

4. duckbills: LIFE SAVERS! I switched to these for my medela pump and was blown away by the difference in quantity I was able to pump per session. Whatever pump you are using, switch to these immediately! You know it is time to change them when there is a little space between the opening. It should be completely shut.

5. medela hand pump: this is great for a night out at a concert, or any time you are in a pinch and need to express milk but may not have an outlet, or may not need to pump a full bottle. It is small enough to fit in a purse.

6. battery pack & nursing bra are the perfect pair! This was a game changer for me. I was able to walk around and get ready at work while I pumped. Hands free a cord free !

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