Amanda Christodoulou

Amanda knew she wanted to be a Pilates instructor from the first moment she stepped foot in a studio 10 years ago. Growing up as a dancer, she felt at home moving her body through the shapes Pilates workouts required. It wasn't until she began her intensive Pilates Instructor training through Equinox that she came to understand how Pilates is for ALL bodies, whether dancers, athletes, or completely deconditioned. Amanda's teaching style is the perfect balance between classical & contemporary movement. She places a heavy focus on her client's personalized goals & areas of improvement. She is experienced in working with athletes, a plethora of injuries & pre & post natal clients. 


Amanda's personal mission is to expose as many people as possible to the core principles of Pilates & to increase body awareness & overall mind/body connection. She recognizes that injuries & limitations are prevalent, however she is confident that something can always be done to make someone feel better. 


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